Chisholm Associates
Weed and Pest Control

We are experts in managing the control of aquatic and terrestrial plant and animal pests. We can

  • Provide advice on control methods.

  • Develop cost-effective control programmes.

  • Manage control programmes, including contracting of operators and overseeing and auditing the operators' performance.

  • Assess the environmental effects of weed and pest control.

  • Report results to clients and statutory authorities. 
We have extensive expertise in both biological and chemical control techniques, and humane pest control methods.

Our specialist expertise includes control of 

  • Plant pests including: 
    • aquatic weeds like oxygen weeds and willows; 

    • terrestrial weeds like brushweeds, annual weeds and wilding pines; 

    • Wilding Pines.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your weed and pest control problems, whether aquatic, terrestrial or coastal.
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